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Reblog if you actually LIKE Martha Jones







I’m honestly sick of seeing all the racist comments directed at her. Come on guys this lady was a fucking badass.

She is the fucking queen

Martha Jones is a star.

she was so great
she loved the…

Martha is my favourite companions of the new run (2005+) of Doctor Who. 

Martha Jones is an actual fucking doctor so suck it, people who hate her. 

Miss Martha Jones ♡

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Can I be as magnanimous as I am going to need to be? Can I be kind enough, forgiving enough, loving enough?

This is a time where I wish there was a god I could believe in. I need to pray for strength and love. I need to pray for my heart to be open and filled with forgiveness for my fellow human.

Can I forgive this fellow human? Do I have that capacity? Will I find it in time? Will the hole torn in my heart knit back together? Will there always be a scar, lile there is from the last time? Will I always think about it when it is presented to me?

I must choose love. There is no other option. I absolutely must. choose. love.

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