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Oh god thank fucking christ.

I usually don’t reblog these, but I feel like some of my followers could probably use the reassurance. I definitely have these kinds of thoughts sometimes.

so i’m not crazy for randomly thinking such thoughts? what a relief!

Edgar Allan Poe had a name for it too: The Imp of the Perverse. he compared the impulses to a demon that urges people to do the wrong thing simply because it can be done

The compulsion to jump from high places is called “l’appel du vide" in French. The call of the void. I think it’s specific to that one instance, but I think it’s a cool phrase for this phenomenon in general.

I think about this with random sharp objects laying around, too. “What if I just jammed this into my eye or throat right now? … oh god WHAT.” Just… fucking christ, brain. Don’t.

Reblogging this again because most people don’t/never know how normal these thoughts are, and that can be a major source of stress. It’s okay. You’re okay. Just, you know, don’t follow through on that shit.

Sometimes I wonder if the occasional vivid images in my head of myself falling into traffic or tripping and knocking my teeth out or dropping expensive, precious things are points where I failed the mission and had to respawn and start over.

Thank god, because I always feel like a HORRIBLE person when these thoughts randomly pop into my head. Especially when they involve my baby. I would literally jump into a wood chipper before hurting her.

I don’t have these thoughts. Probably because I had to spend so many years actively trying to refrain from acting on those impulses. It’s easier now, but it’s always lurking, like a tiger pacing, pacing, pacing.

Reblog if you actually LIKE Martha Jones







I’m honestly sick of seeing all the racist comments directed at her. Come on guys this lady was a fucking badass.

She is the fucking queen

Martha Jones is a star.

she was so great
she loved the…

Martha is my favourite companions of the new run (2005+) of Doctor Who. 

Martha Jones is an actual fucking doctor so suck it, people who hate her. 

Miss Martha Jones ♡

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Can I be as magnanimous as I am going to need to be? Can I be kind enough, forgiving enough, loving enough?

This is a time where I wish there was a god I could believe in. I need to pray for strength and love. I need to pray for my heart to be open and filled with forgiveness for my fellow human.

Can I forgive this fellow human? Do I have that capacity? Will I find it in time? Will the hole torn in my heart knit back together? Will there always be a scar, lile there is from the last time? Will I always think about it when it is presented to me?

I must choose love. There is no other option. I absolutely must. choose. love.

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